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What is Why Every Sales Leader is Talking About Clay's $500 Million Valuation.

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What is

TL;DR (but read it anyway)

  • 99% of AI-based sales tools fail.

  • Clay raised $62M because they are different.

  • What is A tool and methodology.

  • With the Clay system you can:

    • Automatically find companies that actually need what you are offering

    • Create account specific and pain-point-based messaging at scale

  • Ten Talents can help you get up and running.

  • Use this link for over $150 worth of free Clay credits.


Most AI sales tools fail. They simply recycle information from a prospect's LinkedIn and call it "personalization." 😩

I mean seriously, who is falling for this?

Fake ai email


Clay's $62M in funding and $500M valuation show that AI's use in sales has finally found its place. 🌟

So what is and why on earth is everyone talking about it? 🤔

Two words: Targeting & Relevance

1. Targeting

In short, Clay can help sales teams scalably go from targeting parameters focused only on firmographics to pain-point-based list building.

List-building pre 2024 was dominated by firmographics, keyword searches, unreliable intent data.

This lead to companies adding hundreds (or thousands) of accounts to their outreach with no visibility into their actual pain points.

B2B contact databases

Clay is not a B2B database.

It is a platform that pulls data from hundreds of sources traditionally not accessible to sales teams. Assuming you have a known list of potential accounts, you can add custom data points to each record allowing you to:

  • Enrich companies with qualitative and quantitative data

  • Qualify or disqualify accounts based on very specific filtering parameters

  • Segment accounts based on which product offerings and campaigns would offer the most value

how works

Imagine outreach lists that look like this:

*Example data for HR SaaS

sample data

2. Messaging

Clay doesn't just stop at better targeting. It takes personalization to the next level, transforming your messaging from generic to highly relevant and impactful.

Fake "Ai-powered" Messaging:

“Your LinkedIn profile is so impressive, do you need HR services?”

With Clay:

HR: “Saw that you’re hiring 30+ roles - and it looks like your Glassdoor reviews mention a complicated interview process. We can help with…”

Cyber: "We came across the reports of your recent data breach..."

Finance: "Looks like you have over $2M a year in foreign currency transaction to Uganda. The recent 15% swing in the currency rates..."

And so on. Any use-case, any product, no matter how specific.

Again, not a data-base, but custom data processing using hundreds of integrations and Ai guided web scraping.

TL;DR Benefits

  • More Accurate Targeting: Identify companies that are the best fit for your services.

  • More Relevant Messaging: Craft messages that address real pain points and needs.

  • Less Time Spent on Research: Automate the time-consuming parts of the sales process.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: Engage with prospects who are more likely to convert.

What's the catch? The learning curve and pricing.

There is a bit of a learning curve. That's why Clay power users are now being called Go-to-market (GTM) engineers. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Transforming your sales approach with Clay requires:

  • Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy that leverages AI-driven insights to focus on the right accounts.

  • Technical Knowledge: Understand how to integrate Clay's tools into your existing systems, set up workflows, and optimize the data for the best results.

Pricing can also be a bit tricky to navigate. Clay uses a credit-based system, which can get pricing. However, a skilled technician can incorporate custom API integrations that do not need to reply on the much credit usage.

Who We Are, Why We Talk About Clay, and How We Can Help?

Ten Talents is a sales data consulting firm and a certified Clay Creator. We've been doing the outbound data thing since before Clay entered the game. Now we use Clay as the "operating system" for most of our processes.

In short, we help companies implement advanced methodologies for account research and ABM-based outbound using Clay! 🌟

As a Clay consultant, we can:

  • Build your data system and hand it off to you

  • Build and manage your research, handing off the best data to your reps

  • Access Clay support staff directly for advanced product support

Ten Talents data

We have 3 services:

  1. We can build your Clay system and hand it to you

  2. We can build and manage your Clay system and list-building

  3. We can run your entire outbound sales system (from list building to cold calling)

Why Choose Ten Talents?

Here's how we are different:

  • Deep Experience with GTM Data Strategy: We have a proven track record in developing effective data strategies.

  • Account-Based Messaging at Scale: We craft personalized messages that resonate with your target audience.

  • Flexibility as a Bespoke Agency: We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

We have helped 20+ B2B sales teams improve their outbound efforts and leverage better data to find companies that ACTUALLY need their services (even before Clay was a thing).

Request a Free 30-Minute Consultation

Want to see if Clay can help your sales team? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts. You’ll get a platform walkthrough, examples tailored to your offering, and a roadmap to Clay success.

Want to Try Clay on Your Own?

Get 3000 free credits when you sign up with this link (the free tier only gives you 100).



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