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Meet your new growth partners

Meet the Team

Welcome to Ten Talents, your premier growth data agency. We specialize in personalized, data-driven outreach that helps sales teams achieve the perfect balance between volume and relevance.

Our team of data engineers and market strategists has worked with over 20 SaaS and tech companies to transform their sales approaches. We tackle challenges like low conversion rates and unfocused targeting with dynamic targeting, deep analysis, and tailored outreach.

At Ten Talents, our core values are:

  • Respect and Integrity: Ensuring every outreach is relevant and respectful.

  • Skill: Providing top-tier, custom solutions with cutting-edge technology.

  • Excitement: Making outbound sales a positive experience.


Ten Talents revolutionize your sales approach and drive growth for your business.

Meet The Team


Tony Chedrawee

Founder/Principal Consultant


Andrew Smith-Martiny

Senior Consultant

Scratch (35).png

Andreas Wernicke

Lead Data Automation Engineer

Untitled design (9)_edited_edited.png

Vilho Banike

Data Operation Manager


Dylan Hall

Senior Consultant


Micaelyn Chedrawee

Marketing Manager

Hear from our Clients

Scratch (17).png

"This was easily the best experience I've had in 10+ years working with different consultants"

1682369872514 (1).jpeg

Alex Wolf
Director of Sales
Welcome (Bamboo HR)

"Data is the new oil, and Ten Talents is the drill rig."

1517690331121 (1).jpeg

John Scicchitano
Pangea Global Ventures

"The level of personalization and relevance they bring to the table is unparalleled"


Dylan Hall
Director Strategic Initiatives


"Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are successful."


Bob Doustdar
Pangea Technologies

Ready to get started?

Let us earn your trust with a complementary strategy session or analysis of your total addressable market (TAM)


Tell us about your growth goals and challenges.


We'll run a TAM analysis with custom suggestions.


Implement on your own or hire us.

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